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Nomad soul | bilingual writer | blogger | doctor by profession | spreading smiles

I am Pranshu Mehta, or i should say Dr. Pranshu Mehta, doctor by profession and a blogger by choice. Its not that easy for anyone to follow their dreams, but once you take that initial step , it all becomes pretty easy. I started writiing when i was 16 years of age, studying in eleventh standard under biology section. I wrote my first poem on the condition and life issues of a female. I continued writing during my college days while studying for one of the most prestigious profession in the world. I never shared my poems with anyone other than my parents and a few friends. I still remember that day when my dad asked me to get all my poems written in a diary for him so that he could get them published some day. I was motivated and i decided to start a blog of my own and i had the task of searching for a name for my own blog. I was sitting and thinking about the names and suddenly an idea struck my mind, that I was a doctor as per my official life and a poet/blogger unofficially , so i decided to name it as “mehtaoffline” which would perfectly describe the unofficial part of my official life. The same went on to become one of my best time utilising hobby and as the blog flourished and the reach became more than four thousand with users from countries like australia, u.k, spain, ireland, poland, denmark, france, japan and sweden and almost all parts of india, i decided it was the time when i could take it a step further and hence the idea of the book originated.

                                                           Also the founder of ROG NIDAN  The Indian health network