Am i a writer ? or in love ? The reason why i choose to write.

आशिक़ नहीं हूँ मैं,

बस ज़िन्दगी से दिल लगा बैठा हूँ ,

पाना चाहता नहीं अब कुछ,

बस यही जान कर सब कुछ पा बैठा हूँ ।


I have been bombarded with questions on how did i start writing poems, am i in love ? have i been loving someone secretly ? or what has happened with me that made me a different person and i came into this writing hobby? It has got nothing to do with my love life or some incident that made me like this, rather it is the self discovery which made me realize how beautiful my life is . Discovering the real meaning of life and than realizing how stupid and childish our problems were in front of those real evil problems that the society is facing and hence i choose to write, to write to express my self, to write to help eradicate the social evil, to write to stand with those fighting the battle and to write to spread and bring smiles on the faces that have missed it for years.




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