Believe in god, he will never disappoint you.

हम अपने दुःख देख उनसे अरदास लगाते रहे,

“तेरे नहीं ये दुख तो मेरे हैं” कह के वो भी मुस्कुराते रहे।



We keep looking for answers of all our problems and expect the almighty to solve them. Sometimes we even blame him for bringing such problems to our lives and we never think about the good times he bestowed us with. We blame him, we request him , we sometimes even bribe him for solving our problems but we never realize that he always keeps smiling looking back at us thinking that human is such a amateur creature that he doesn’t even understand that these aren’t his problems rather these are god’s problems, he takes all the problems of his children as his own and solves them personally. He has so many children and hence sometimes he may get late in coming to our problem as there are many in the queue who are fighting and facing problems which are way big and our problems are nothing in front of their problems. So if he is taking time to solve our problem, it means he is busy solving problems which are way too big and hence all he wants us to do is to hold on, keep our hopes alive and keep faith in him.He wants us to show some fight so that next time we emerge even stronger to help solve even other people’s problem for helping in reducing his load.




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