Curiosity, that’s what made me try.

“he always wanted to see the peak,

not him but his curosity made the climb.”


We always talk about those who were the first ones to discover, first ones to climb a peak, first ones to think about something innovative, first ones to succeed from their own hard work and the first ones to establish their name in the history books. Ever heard of anyone who did the same thing after them ? No, it is always that initial step that matters the most, the roads which are already used by millions will never lead you to a new destination, you will have to create a new path, a path of your own to reach the level where no one has ever been, which hasn’t yet been explored. Yes, it is going to be difficult, it is going to be tiring, you may feel exhausted and may want to quit but if you trust your instincts and devote yourself to your passion and decide to stay, choose to fight then you will end up winning and creating history.






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