Disguise, or exploring self ?

“they saw me as dark,

i hid the rainbow beneath”


We  live a life  surrounded by people, people who appear something else and in reality behave in a different way. Is this a disguise ? Do they intend to fool others by doing so?


No, they are the people who have not discovered their own self yet, they are the ones who need our support and care as they need to discover themselves first.


Similarly , we all spend our lives in finding the other half of our life but we never focus on finding our own true self. It is the most important search that we should make. Discovering yourself is what matters in life, we stay as dark , shallow and depressed where as we forget to see the rainbow that hides beneath our superficial dark skin. The rainbow of talent, the rainbow with the colours of happiness, appreciation, gratitude, success, passion and dedication. Each & every one has his own rainbow , its on us whether we choose to see their superficial dark layer or the true colors that blossom beneath.



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