Distance, does it really matter ?

अगर फासलों से तय होती रिश्तों की अहमियतें ,

तो आज मुझे उस खुद पे ऐतबार ना होता ।

It is never about the distance between two people or two places that matters, faith and hope is something that has the power to keep everyone together. God resides in heaven, somewhere there up in the sky, way too far physically yet present there in our hearts and our prayers. He makes sure that our faith stays alive by listening to our prayers and doing things which are good for us even if we can’t see it. The truth behind successful bond between any two people, any place or any thing lies in the purity of the faith and trust between the two and physical distance means nothing. The people who think that they lost their faith because of the distance are not bad rather they are the ones with weak faith and they lack faith in themselves and that is the reason they can trust others. It is always the self that reflects in our thoughts. Be honest and see everyone will behave in a similar way.



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