Experience. Is it age or something else that matters.

उम्र तो बस बाल सफ़ेद कर के गुज़र जाती है,

तजुर्बा तो मेहनत करने वालों की किस्मत ख़ुद -ब-खुद बनाती है।


A person with experience of ages is not bigger than a person with experience of hard work. A man may get  old doing nothing but a young person who works hard gathers more useful experience for succeeding in life.  Success comes to those who work hard with dedication for the goals of their life .

It’s all about the passion and the dedication that decides your fate. Never worry about the results or outcome of the work , just give your 100% and do justice with the work and once you are honest to your dreams even your dreams will stay honest and loyal to you.


Not pressure

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