God. Whom do you believe in ?

उस रब को मानते हैं हम जिसने इंसान बनाया,

उसको नहीं , जिसने हिन्दू-मुसलमान बनाया ।


The existence of god is something that can’t be denied. The whole universe , the plants, the animals, we the humans are all beautiful creations of the almighty. We have given names to the god , we have divided him on the basis of our religion and our terms. What is the truth  behind religions? Does god want us to be divided in the name of religion ? Does he want people of his own universe to suffer because of this differentiation ?


No, god isn’t as selfish as we humans. We forget that we all are equal, we treat people of our own caste our own religion as good and take others as wrong. This behaviour reflects that the only thing that is wrong is within us. Dividing people on the basis of religion first and then on the basis  of caste is what makes us wrong. We all were born as human beings, made and processed in a similar way as planned by the almighty so we should not divide our own people on this basis rather we should try to unite people in the name of god.



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