I choose to fight failures, i choose to fight depression.

ज़िन्दगी से हरा नहीं और ना ही कभी हरूँगा,

इस एक असफलता का बदला अब बड़ी जीत से उतारूँगा,


कठिन होगी राह मगर हिम्मत कभी ना हारूँगा,

आज ना मिल सकीय ऊँचाइयाँ तो क्या ?

एक ना  एक दिन आसमान को भी ज़मीन पे उतारूँगा ।

We fall, we get hurt, we give up or we fall, we get hurt and decide to stand up even stronger and even more determined. This is what differentiates between two kind of people, ones who succeed and the ones who don’t. We have lost many a times in life, have faced failures but we are still alive and fighting our battles. We choose to hold on and never give up. For all those times when you feel disheartened, broken, depressed and feel like giving up on your dreams, relations or your life, wait and give it a second thought. What can happen maximum ? you will fail, people will make fun ? that’s it? but if you stick and choose to stay you still have a chance of succeeding and you might end up on the winning side but giving up on your dream or your life will end everything and leave you with all regrets by sealing your fate. Choose to live, choose to fight, choose to wear your failures as your badge and see the world will appreciate your efforts and failures as well.





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