India. Pride , respect and honour.

ना शानो- शौक़त , ना ये जहान चाहते हैं ,

बेबाक परिंदे हम,

महलों की क़ैद नहीं,उड़ने को आसमान चाहते हैं ।

Indian is not only a word or representation of the people of the nation, Indian is a felling that resides in every human related to the nation in any sense , it delivers pride, respect and honour for us. It was a blessing to be born here in a country  where there is extreme diversity of cultures, teachings of moral values , respect for each and every individual irrespective of caste ,creed or religion. A nation where hindu, muslim, sikh, christian, parsi and bodh reside all together along with the atheists.

A country rich by the means of its bio-diversity, heritage and culture, thats India.

Proud to be Indian


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