Indian Army. Salute & tribute

 जवान लड़ रहे हैं देश की ख़ातिर कहीँ सरहदों की गोद में ,

जानते हुए कि जीते तो जश्न की ख़ातिर ज़िंदा ना होंगे ।


Salute to the Indian Army who fights on the borders knowing that they might not be alive even to celebrate their own success. A great salute to their families, their wives , their mothers and fathers for supporting them and for sacrificing their husbands , children for the nation. It isn’t easy for anyone to know that when one family member leaves for duty , whether he would come back or not , whether this will be the last time when they get to see him or not . I not only salute the soldiers and their family, rather i congratulate them on being so strong and so dedicated towards our country.

Army and their families are our true Heroes.




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