Learn to appreciate, see how your life changes.

नजाने कितनी रातें गुज़ार बैठे हम सूरज के इंतज़ार में,

सुबह हुयी तो समझ आया

के चाँदनी ही काफ़ी थी ज़िन्दगी रोशन करने के लिए ।


What is the most important thing that matters in life ? A own house, car , food and basic amenities for our family or is it something else ? lets take a scenario where we have three people, one a multi-millionaire , a middle class man and a vagabond. We give same resources to all these, a good house  , a car , and good salary. We ask the multi-millionaire and he says he isn’t happy he needs a bungalow , a few more cars , a chopper, a world tour. We ask the middle class man , he is neither happy nor sad as he was already living a life pretty similar to this. It was the turn of the vagabond  now, he was very happy and rather chose to return the car and the job , he was happy just with the shelter and food , he said he would like to work by himself to further earn his own money, all he ever wanted was to have a shelter , a home for himself and food for himself.

In life its not about wishing for more or less, its about being satisfied and living in present and side by side working hard for what you wish. It is not that we stop wishing for more, we should , we should try as hard as possible to achieve what we wish for but we shouldn’t forget the value of the things and goals which we have already achieved and accomplished. We should appreciate what we have and we should enjoy the present while working hard for the future and before its too late and we have to regret about losing something that we had.




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