Love, the ultimate healer.

” it wasn’t autumn when they met,

yet she was dry as a leaf

parted from the tree.

 he watered her with love,

 she blossomed into a girl

 she had earlier never been. “

What is love? people commonly confuse between the infatuation, love and lust. Love isn’t something that makes you sad, love isn’t something that brings sorrows to our life, love isn’t a selfish feeling. Love is something that brings smiles, that makes us happy internally, that gives us satisfaction in the happiness of the other person, that makes us happy in spreading smiles to others. Love is an inspiration, it isn’t necessary to fall in love with a single person of the opposite gender, love could be for your pets,your friends, your family, your parents, it could be homosexual, heterosexual or even both. As long as it stays as the satisfying thing that makes us happy to give happiness to others, it is worth and it will always be. Make sure that when you decide to love, it should have the power to save lives, spread happiness and smiles all over and it should give others a reason to live happily and it shouldn’t be an imposed thing that bounds someone and makes them sad.

Love is meant for being free, having the liberty to be self and yet being loved.



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