Parents , a world within the world.

दरिया की सतह जैसी ये मूरत

नजाने कितने गहरे राज़ छुपाये बैठी है ,


हम तो केवल गरजते बादल हैं ,

नजाने ये कितने लोगो पर ममता की बरसात कराये बैठी है ।

The motionless top of the water never tells us about the depth that it hides, similarly the mother ( parents to be precise ) never shows the sacrifices she has made for her children and their betterment. Parents earn for their children, parents work for their children, parents live foe their children, parents sacrifice for their children. The calmness on the face of parents can never tell about the struggles they have been through to raise their children the way did.


parents are the real super hero’s

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