Searching God, the never ending quest.

मंदिरों में नहीं और न ही उन मस्जिदों में ,

आज कल वो बसा करता है तो बस कुछ मासूम दिलों में ।


Everyone who believes in the existence of god is busy trying searching for him here and there, in some human or some book , in some temple, in a mosque, in a church, sometimes searching for him in some idols. Ever seen one human who succeeded in doing so ? No.

We all are in the right quest but are looking for him in the wrong places, donating ton’s of gold or milk or money  to him will not bring you closer to him, rather will show that you know nothing about him. If you really want to get an inch closer to him, try understanding the hunger of those poor people standing outside the temples, mosques and churches. These people do not belong to any religion, a poor and hungry human standing outside a temple will not ask you your religion before receiving food from you or he won’t rebel even after knowing that you belong to a different religious group. Heart’s of these people are the places where we can find him, where he resides.

What it really takes to find him is understanding the needs of those who cannot afford food, helping them cure the hunger and bringing a smile on these faces takes us closer to him, more the number of smiles you spread, more closer you get to finding god.




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