Teacher, a beautiful selfless soul.

“Dark as night,

he burned to lighten her up.”


If a politician makes a mistake, the government suffers. If a engineer makes a mistake, the strength of the building suffers. If a doctor makes a mistake, the family suffers but if a teacher makes a mistake the whole nation and the mankind suffers. Teachers are the most responsible citizens of the nation, they burn in all those dark nights to enlighten us up. It all depends on the initial moral education of the children which decides their fate and their thinking. A teacher doesn’t need to be your school head mistress or college lecturer , anybody who teaches you or gives you any knowledge is a teacher and teachers deserve our respect. Our parents, friends, seniors, juniors and each and every individual who in any sense teaches us is our teacher and deserves our respect. We should teach our kids to respect our teachers as now a days many cases have been reported where students misbehave with their teachers. Lets pledge to make sure that we will teach our young generation the importance of our teachers and their true value.




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