The concept behind the logo “प् m : The inspirational soul”

The logo “प् m : The inspirational soul” was something spontaneous yet had some serious message to be conveyed. The presence of 2 things both belonging to different languages shows that i am a bilingual writer who writes in Hindi as well as English, the order of their presence denotes that i prefer Hindi for writing though i also write in English but Hindi will always have the first place in my heart. The “प्” is a Hindi alphabet which isn’t complete and it is denoted by the line underneath it, it signifies that our lives are also incomplete without the presence of the language Hindi in it. The mustache underneath the two alphabets denotes the power and the strength which i get  from writing. These two alphabets however depict the initials of my name , i.e Pranshu Mehta and hence this logo was made to represent me , my thoughts , the power of the language Hindi and the influence it has in our lives.



Dr. Pranshu Mehta