When our turbulent soul needs his calm touch.

” अनकहे मेरी सुन के अरदास,

अपने द्वार बुलाता है ,

मुरली मनोहर किशन कन्हैया

कितने नामो से जाना तू जाता है ।

तेरे आने से ज़मीन भी खुल के गाती है ,

आस्मां महकता है, नदियाँ भी राग सुनाती है ,

उसी ख़ुशी की चाह में दुनिया भी तो शीश झुकाती है,

तुझे बिन पहचाने, नजाने तुझसे ही खुशी की आस लगाती है ।


ख़ुशी है कन्हैया, वो रास रच्चैया ,

फिर क्यों दर दर ख़ुशी की गुहार लगता है ,

मिलकर भी मुरलरी मनोहर से,

व्यर्थ तू अपने दुखड़े सुनाता है ।


अन्तर्यामी मोहन तेरी उदासी मिटाने ही तो,

तुझे अपनी शरण बुलाता है ,

तेरे ग़मो के अँधेरे मिटा,

वही खुशियों का नया सूरज लाता है । “

The presence of god, his importance and his influence in our lives is something that can never be replaced or compared to any other thing. We keep searching for god and when we get opportunities to ask for some favours, we end up asking for things, for happiness and for his blessings but we tend to forget that the moment when we get the opportunity to meet him or ask from him for favours is the actual happiness that we were looking for. The moment when we are in touch with the god via any means is the moment to be relished as he himself knows what we are undergoing and he allows us to connect to him when he feels our turbulent soul needs the calmness of his touch.

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